A Guide to Health Insurance During COVID-19

28.02.2021 ∙ Roman Danaev ∙ 5 min read

All information stated is correct at time of publishing and can be amended at any time. Due to the impact of Covid-19, things are changing rapidly. We are doing our best to update this page regularly. However, please check with your health insurance provider or PMI advisor directly to confirm any details are correct.

For your safety and the safety of your loved ones please see government and NHS guidelines on how to avoid catching the Covid-19 during this unprecedented time. If you think you may have symptoms of COVID-19, please visit NHS 111 online.

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Can I Claim for Testing, Screening and Treatments for COVID-19 on my health insurance?

COVID-19 is a public health emergency, hence it’s very important that testing, screening and treatments are done by the NHS, so that the Government can continuously monitor, assess and manage the situation. Therefore testing and screening are not covered by your policy. However, once you arrive for any inpatient treatments you will be tested for Coronavirus at the hospital.

If you are hospitalised with Coronavirus you will be treated through the NHS, as private hospitals are not designed to cover emergency care. If you need to receive NHS treatment for Coronavirus, most insurers are offering a cash benefit to provide support to their clients.

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Will my policy cover other health issues during COVID-19 Pandemic?

Health Insurance providers are working very hard to support their clients during pandemic.

Bupa has just updated their clients “At a time when NHS general practice has shifted its focus to pandemic management, it is even more important that we are able to support patients and customers with screening services, active primary care and Musculoskeletal services.”

Some non-urgent treatments could be delayed. However, if you need urgent care or time-sensitive support, such as cancer treatment, you will still be treated as a priority during COVID-19 outbreak.

Please check with your health insurance provider or with one of our experienced PMI advisors if you are experiencing health problems or feeling worried about your health.

I can’t see my GP due to Covid-19 restrictions, will I still be able to use my Private Medical Insurance?

Yes. Since Covid-19 all of the insurance providers have introduced virtual GP appointments where you can book to see a GP via facetime, skype or through their online portals. This makes it easier to see a GP wherever and whenever you want. Following on from your consultation, if you require further treatment this GP will be able to refer you to see a specialist by providing an open referral letter.

Am I eligible for the NHS Cash benefit should I become hospitalised with any condition including COVID-19?

Health Insurance providers will always pay the NHS cash benefit regardless of the medical condition you are hospitalised with.

Most providers have increased the amount they are paying during COVID-19 Pandemic. Depending on the provider the benefit amount ranges between £100 to £500 per night.

As an example, Bupa will pay £50 per night, for a maximum of 35 nights to customers with NHS Cash Benefits in their policy. Vitality has introduced a new cashback benefit for all Vitality Health policyholders who are hospitalised for Coronavirus treatments. This benefit will pay you £250 per night for any admission as a result of Coronavirus and increases to £500 per night from the eighth night of hospitalisation (up to maximum of £5,000) For further information on NHS Cash Benefit please contact your insurance provider or our experienced PMI Advisors at Healthinsurance+ who will guide you through the whole process.

How private hospitals are helping the NHS during COVID-19 Pandemic?

In order to help the fight against Coronavirus pandemia the private hospital sector has agreed with the UK Government to make almost its entire private capacity available to the NHS. Due to this impact, there may be some delays for non-urgent treatments. However, urgent treatments are prioritised.

To make sure you and your family are getting the full benefit of Private Medical Cover or you are considering Private Medical Insurance Policy for the first time please contact our experienced PMI advisors and we will tailor the right policy for you

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