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If you live in the UK, you may be wondering whether you should get private GP insurance. You may wonder what such insurance covers and whether private GP visits are part of standard insurance policies.

Read on to find more information about private GP services and the benefits of being insured for private GP visits.

Who are private GPs?

In terms of the kinds of services they provide, private general practitioners (GPs) are very similar to regular GPs working through the NHS. They offer a wide variety of services, encompassing everything from tests and diagnostics to treatments and referrals. Like regular GPs, private GPs offer general check-ups as well as treatment for illnesses and injuries, whether chronic or acute.

Private GPs differ from NHS GPs in that they work in private clinics or hospitals. Their services can only be accessed through a subscription or one-off payment or employer business health insurance plans.

Does private health insurance cover GP visits?

Some health insurance policies cover private GP visits automatically, though not all do. However, you may be able to add private GP consultations as an additional service for those that don’t. Do note, however, that if you do add this feature as an extra, the price of your insurance premium will go up.

It is well-worth considering covering private GP visits under your insurance policy. NHS waiting lists can be very long, but with private GP cover, you will be able to see a private practitioner whenever you like, avoiding long delays.

Are private GPs covered as standard?

Many health insurance policies do not cover private GP visits—at least, not by default. With these policies, you would need to go through the NHS for any GP service and then be referred for any treatment or care covered by your insurance. Some policies do cover private GP visits, however, whether by default or as an add-on feature.

To find a policy that covers private GP consultations, you may need to do some searching first.

What does health insurance with a private GP cover?

Some health insurance providers cover not just face-to-face private GP appointments but also virtual ones. Private GPs can provide the same services as NHS GPs. They can give out private prescriptions, perform tests, or refer you to other services for other kinds of treatment.

Which private GP services do some insurers offer?

Different insurers offer a variety of different private GP services. Here are examples of some of the services offered by the UK’s leading health insurers:

  • AXA PPP: Offers weekend, evening, and same-day appointments, both in-person or over the phone. They also pay up to £500 annually for private GP appointments for anyone on the insurance payment plan.
  • Freedom Health: Offers a 24/7 virtual consultation service. Under their Elite insurance policy, they pay up to £300 annually for private GP consultations.
  • The Exeter: Offers up to four remote GP consultations per year and offers up to two-second opinion services. They allow you to receive medical help directly through their Healthwise app.
  • Vitality: Includes video consultations and virtual GP appointments in all their healthcare plans.

Why should i have private GP insurance?

With private health insurance with GP cover, you have peace of mind knowing that you can make an appointment whenever it suits you. If you are frequently busy with work or family responsibilities, you can schedule your visit around your other obligations.

Furthermore, when seeing a private GP, you don’t have to worry about being on a waiting list for weeks. You will instead be able to see your doctor in a timely fashion.

Private health insurance FAQ

Healthplan insurance broker answering questions
Is a private GP worth it?
Ultimately, only you can answer this question. But if you would value shorter waiting times for appointments and consultations, as well as more scheduling flexibility, then it is well worth considering a private GP.
Is a private GP covered by health insurance?
Whether or not private GP services are covered by your health insurance depends on your policy. Some policies do not cover it. Others automatically include it as part of their standard package. Some require you to add private GP insurance as an addition to your policy.
How much does private GP insurance cost?

The price of private GP insurance cost varies from policy to policy and depends on a few different factors. Insurance fees depend on how many people are on your plan, what age those people are, where in the UK you are, and the exact policy you’ve selected. The best way to determine cost is to use an insurance quote service.

Which insurers offer private GPs?
Many of the UK’s leading insurers offer private GPs, including AXA, Freedom Health, The Exeter, and Vitality.