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Who is Aviva?

Aviva is a multinational insurance company with headquarters in London, UK. Founded in 2000, it now has over 30 million customers. In the UK, Aviva is the biggest general insurer and one of the top life and pensions providers.

Aviva Health Insurance: Key Points

Aviva Health insurance is best defined as a Private Health insurance programme. The programme is designed to enable fast access to private healthcare, with a wide range of cover against illness, cancer, accidents, and curable diseases.

Alongside that, the programme offers:

  • 24/7 access to the Stress Counselling helpline for the members aged 16 and over.
  • Online tool MyHealthCounts, which allows members to qualify for up to 15% off their renewal premiums if they’re aged 18 and over.
  • Aviva Digital GP app that enables five video consultations a year with a licensed GP
  • Get Active program with discounts for gym services and lifestyle products, run in cooperation with more than 3,000 health and fitness clubs.
  • Easy access to information on various aspects of mental health support.

Alongside that, Aviva provides a Speedy Diagnostics Insurance programme, designed to cover expenses on various tests until the point of diagnosis.

Is Aviva a Good Insurance Company?

Clients of Aviva leave many positive reviews about the company. Here are opinions from several different sources:

  • Trustpilot gives it 4.7 out of 5 (more than 15,000 reviews).
  • The Comparebyreview gives it 4 out of 5 (more than 13,000 reviews).
  • Feefoo gives it 4.6 out of 5 (more than 14,000 reviews).

How Much Does Aviva Health Insurance cost?

Assuming the person who wants to get insurance is a 30-year-old. non-smoking male, doing a low-risk office-based job, and selecting an excess of £200, the premiums will be approximate as follows:

Limited cover Full cover
Premiums for core options £18.31 £31.38

What Else Does It Cover?

The most popular additional cover options are mental health, dental and optical benefits, and protected no-claim discounts.

For the situation described above, the additional premiums will be approximate as follows:

Limited cover Full cover
Mental health treatment +£0.49 +£0.84
Dental and optical benefit +£4.58 +£4.56
Protected NCD +£2.00 +£4.36

Subscription for these options gives the following benefits:


Dental and optical: routine dental treatment and optical expenses:


Up to £150 towards glasses and contact lenses, with a £50 excess


Up to £250 for routine dental treatment, with a £50 excess


Up to £600 of dental treatment cover following an accident



Mental health treatment:


Inpatient/day-patient accommodation up to 28 days


Specialist’s fees for inpatient treatment


As for mental health, the standard plan already includes up to £2,000 of cover for GP-referred outpatient mental health treatment.

There is also an option for an extended hospital list, which increases the number of available hospitals, especially near London.

Aviva Health Insurance Options

Aviva health insurance provides various cover options.

What Does Private Health Insurance Cover?

The basic private health insurance programme gives access to private medical treatment (outpatient and inpatient) with various benefits included.

You can find the detailed information below in the “what does Aviva health insurance cover” section.

What Cancer Essentials Are Covered?

I have not heard of this?

If the client is diagnosed with cancer, Aviva provides a £5,000 cash payout to spend for any purpose.

The cover also includes cancer advice helpline services with a personal nurse adviser (giving practical advice, counselling, or therapy) and access to a second medical opinion considering the diagnosis.

What Is Included in a Diagnostics Cover?

This type of insurance is designed for finding the exact causes of health problems.

The benefits are as the following:

  • Specialist consultation fees.
  • Specialist fees for diagnostic tests (outpatient, inpatient, day patient).
  • Hospital charges for inpatient diagnostic tests.
  • Aviva additional benefits (counselling helpline, gym discounts, Aviva GP video consultations).

What Is Included in a Physio Essentials Cover

This cover includes the following:

  • Telephone clinical assessment is given by a fully qualified physiotherapist, up to 5 calls every year.
  • Personalized online exercise programme or access to a network of physiotherapists for future treatment, based on the assessment results.
  • Virtual physiotherapy: a personalised programme with easy guided videos and follow-up calls to track progress.
  • Offline physiotherapy, if recommended by an assessment, in-person sessions with a professional from IPRS Health.
  • Exclusive online materials with information on health and wellbeing.

For clients of age 18 or over, for an additional premium, it is possible to add a spouse, partner, or civil partner to this policy.

What Does International Aviva Health Insurance Cover?

As for 2021, Aviva had stopped providing international private medical insurance services. Insurance programmes are available only in the UK, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man for permanent UK residents.

What Does Aviva Health Insurance Cover?

Option Cover
Hospital fees Yes
Specialists’ fees Yes
Diagnostic tests Yes
Radiotherapy/chemotherapy Yes
Home nursing Yes
Private ambulance Yes
Stress counseling helpline Yes
CT, MRI, and PET scans Yes
Hospice donation Yes
AIDS/HIV treatment No
Addiction and substance misuse treatment No
Birth control No
Self-inflicted injury No
Sexual dysfunction No
Cosmetic treatment No
Lipoedema No
Hearing loss No
Overseas treatment No

What Is Included in Outpatient Treatment?

  • Consultations with a specialist
  • Treatment by a specialist as an outpatient
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Pre-admission tests (tests carried out at the hospital before your admission to check that you are fit to undergo surgery and anaesthesia. These can include ECGs, blood tests)
  • Radiotherapy/chemotherapy
  • Specialist referred treatment by a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, an osteopath
  • CT, MRI, and PET scans

What Is Included in Inpatient Treatment?

  • Hospital charges
  • Specialists’ fees
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Radiotherapy/chemotherapy
  • Parent accommodation when staying with a child covered by the policy

List of Available Hospitals

The list of private hospitals

  • Key List. Includes over 800 hospitals nationwide: the private and NHS hospitals most frequently used by people with medical insurance.
  • Extended List. Compared to the Key List, it adds access to more hospitals, generally in the Greater London area.
  • Trust List. This list includes private patient units, often specializing in a single area.
  • Signature List. Option for people from Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Expert Select – Aviva will choose up to 5 options for you to pick from within 40 minutes of your home address.
  • All of the lists mentioned above are updated regularly.

    Types of Medical Underwriting

    Aviva health insurance has five options for medical underwriting:

    • Full Medical Underwriting (FMU).
    • Moratorium (sometimes known as Mori).
    • Continued Medical Exclusions (CME). Applies for those who had FMU on another policy and then transferred to Healthier Solutions.
    • Continued moratorium. Applies for those who were insured on a moratorium basis on another insurance policy and then switched to Healthier Solutions.
    • Medical History Disregarded (MHD). Applies for those who have left a company scheme and were insured on an MHD basis. In this case, there are no personal medical exclusions to the policy as a result of pre-existing conditions.

    What Else Aviva Offers?

    Apart from the diagnostic insurance or private health insurance for individuals, Aviva offers corporate medical insurance (Aviva solutions) as well.

    The options are as follows:


    Private medical insurance for 1-249 employees


    Private medical insurance for 250+ employees

    The programme covers treatment for acute conditions, musculoskeletal conditions and mental health, hospital charges, and specialist fees.

    There are several options to adjust the programme for your needs. The level of cover can be increased with options like routine and GP referred services, dental, optical, mental health services, and an extended hospital list. For 250+ employees, there is a gender identity benefit as well.

    Optional Add-Ons

    The benefits of Aviva health insurance can be extended with the following add-ons:

    • Mental health treatment (inpatient)
    • Routine dental and optical expenses
    • Extended hospital list
    • Other treatments: physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or acupuncturist, or GP minor surgery
    • NCD (no-claim discount)

    What Treatment Excesses Can Be Added?

    For the Healthies solution policy, one can set a voluntary excess of £100, £200, £500, £1,000, £3,000, and £5,000.

    The excess amount can be changed at each annual policy renewal.

    However, you don’t need to pay an excess for the following:

    • NHS cash benefit: if you use the NHS for inpatient or day treatment, instead of making a claim for private treatment, Aviva pays you £100 for each night you’re in a hospital for up to 30 nights.
    • NHS cancer cash benefit: Aviva pays you £100 a day for cancer treatment as an NHS inpatient or day patient.
    • Cancer treatment wigs benefit.
    • Baby bonus: £100 for each baby born or adopted in their first year.
    • Hospice donations (up to 10 days) if you have hospice care.

    What Is Not Covered by Aviva Health Insurance?

    Aviva health insurance does not cover the following:

    • Pre-existing conditions. Conditions from the full medical history are usually excluded from the coverage. For moratorium underwriting, conditions that the client had within five years before getting the insurance are covered only if a person has not been receiving any medication, treatment, tests, or advice for this condition during the last two years.
    • Chronic conditions (however, cancer care is included).
    • Pregnancy/childbirth (only complications treatment is covered).

    How Can You Lower the Cost of Your Aviva Health Insurance?

    There are several ways to reducethe cost of health insurance premiums:

    • Choose a reduced outpatient cover. Set a limit of £0, £500, or £1,000 (it won’t apply to cancer treatment).
    • Choose a reduced hospital list, for example, Trust hospital list (includes NHS Trust and Partnership private hospital units) or Signature hospital list (hospitals in Scotland and Northern Ireland only).
    • For some of the services, use the NHS. If NHS treatment isn’t available within six weeks, you will get private inpatient and day patient care coverage.
    • Choose to pay a policy excess of £100, £200, £500, £1,000, £3,000 or £5,000 (this option is available only once per person annually).
    • Use a no-claim discount.

    When Does Aviva Health Insurance Reset?

    Aviva health insurance lasts for one year from the start date shown in your policy schedule. After that, you can set the period for policy renewal (usually one month or 12 months).

    Can I Switch My Existing Health Insurance Cover to Aviva?

    If you find your current health insurance dissatisfactory, you can switch to a programme offered by Aviva. For details, you can contact them by the official phone number.

    How to Cancel Aviva Health Insurance UK?

    To cancel Aviva health insurance, notify the company by sending a letter to their postal address or calling an official number. Note that calls may be monitored and/or recorded.

    Is It Possible to Cancel Aviva Health Insurance at Any Time?

    Yes. If you choose to cancel it within two weeks (14 days) after purchase or renewal, you will get a full refund of the premium. After that period, there will be a deduction proportionate to the time during which the cover was provided.