How much Does Private Surgery Cost in the UK?

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Operation costs, especially in private hospitals, continue to skyrocket. Many are surprised when they discover the cost of private surgery, especially if they require a procedure. Private surgery costs depend on the hospital, operation type, and the patient’s unique requirements, if any. You can expect the same procedure to be more or less expensive depending on these varying factors.

If you choose to get healthcare insurance in the UK, you also need to be aware of private medical insurance costs.

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Which Factors affect private medical treatment costs?

The cost of medical treatment in the UK is based on various factors, including:

1. Hospital’s Location

The location of the hospital has a great impact on the cost of medical treatment and surgery. Rent and staffing costs are higher in cities and other populated areas than in the provinces. If you want to be treated in London, expect higher prices.

2. Type of Surgery

The type of surgery or operation has a significant role in the cost. A minor surgery will be cheaper than a major one.

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3. Medical Equipment and Medicine Cost

Private hospitals invest in new equipment and medicines. The latest equipment and medicines tend to be expensive and increase over time. Some surgeries also require more medical equipment, which makes the prices of the procedure higher.

4. Doctor Fees

The specialization and number of your consultants affect the price of treatment. A doctor with more experience and specialization has higher fees than a more junior one.

5. Hospital Insurance

Providing health services has significant risks. Hence, most private hospitals have costly insurance policies for their protection in case problems occur.

What is fixed-price surgery?

Many private hospitals offer fixed-price deals that cover all fees from admission to discharge. However, to avoid problems, it is vital to know what’s included in the fixed price. Some fixed-price surgery only covers post-operative stay, while others may include take-home medications for a few days. It’s best to consider extra expenses beyond the fixed price.

Wide variations in the costs of private medical treatment

The cost of healthcare treatment can vary significantly depending on the payment type: self-pay (patients pay with their own money) or covered by private health insurance. Also, the cost of your treatment depends on your health care policy by your insurance provider.

Remember that not all private healthcare providers have the same price for similar treatments and procedures. The cost of a similar procedure varies depending on the factors considered by the hospitals.

How much does private surgery cost?

Costs of surgeries vary depending on the type of surgical treatment and health care provider. We have researched the prices of common surgical treatments and other diagnostic and treatment procedures for you in the following table.

Disclaimer: The prices provided on the table are relevant at the current time and may change. If you have questions, we recommend that you speak directly with your hospital of choice for their pricing.

OperationLowest priceMax priceAverage price
1. Hip Replacement£9,025£15,625£11,315
2. Mole Removal£395£3,200£1,034
3. Breast Reduction£2,650£7,735£5,851
4. Knee Surgery£9,559£15,502£12,531
5. Gastric band or Lap-Band£4,995£8,500£6,665
6. Echocardiogram£350£375£355
7. CT-Scan£430£907£669
8. Ultrasound£300£400£358
9. Gastric Bypass£8,357£14,790£10,200
10. Circumcision£1,285£2,375£2,,259
11. Rhinoplasty or Nose Reshaping£3,400£6,225£4,198
12. Dexa Bone Scan£65£245£103
13. Coronary Angiogram£1,850£2,965£2,066
14. Wisdom Tooth Extraction£2,295£2,295£2,295
15. Physiotherapy£40£40£40
16. Ear Pinning£2,074£4,715£2,875
17. Bunion Surgery£2,540£6,795£4,419
18.Emergency Dental Charges£17£47£32
19. Chest X-ray£79£140£101
20. Vasectomy£495£1,935£1,215
21. Gastric Balloon£3,855£5,500£4,349
22. MRI Scan£190£885£538
23. Liposuction£1,800£6,170£3,507
24. Hysterectomy£3,850£8,435£6,143
25. Consultation with Consultant or Specialist£2,195£2,195£2,195
26. Knee Replacement Surgery(Partial)£5,495£11,650£11,106
27. Herniated Disc Removal (Microdiscectomy)£4,640£13,955£7,325
28. Varicose Vein Ablation£750£3,720£3,140
29.Sleeve Gastrectomy£8,700£13,050£9,950
30. Colonoscopy£1,270£2,900£2,085
31. Spinal Fusion£7,195£16,916£7,195
32. Dermabrasion£90£5,135£2,353
33. Tonsillectomy£2,045£3,145£2,595

Where to get information about private healthcare treatment cost

To get information about the cost of your private healthcare treatment, you can do the following:

Contact Private Hospitals

You can search and visit the website of the private hospital in which you’re planning to get your surgery to obtain a guide price for the operation or treatment required.

Speak to a Private Health Insurance Provider

Many of the leading health insurance providers in the UK let people self-pay. Private healthcare insurers can provide the information you need.

You can directly contact your provider and discuss your personal medical insurance with them to best know your options.

Methods of payment for private medical care treatments

There are three ways to pay for private treatment:


As the name suggests, the patient or their family will cover the hospital bills out of pocket.

Private Medical Insurance

This is also called private health insurance, wherein the insurance company will pay for the treatments you need.

Medical Loan

If you don’t have private medical insurance and have a tight budget to pay for the treatment, a medical loan can be the best option for you. You can get a medical loan and gradually pay off your surgery expenses over time.


Various factors impact private medical treatment costs in the UK. The costs of surgical procedures also depend on the treatment rendered, location of the private hospital, consultant’s fees, and others. Keep in mind that the costs continue to increase over time. Private medical insurance can help to prevent you from paying bills beyond your capacity.

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How can I pay for an operation privately?

You can opt to self-pay, use a medical loan, or pay with your insurance. If you have private medical insurance, it's important to check what it covers. Often, there are cash limits on outpatient services such as physiotherapy and diagnostic scans.

How much is the charge of private hospitals?

Private hospitals or healthcare providers have different package plans and fee-per-service charges. It's vital to contact your hospital of choice because the cost depends on the type of treatment or surgery you need.

Do you need to pay for any surgery in the UK?

Not necessarily. If you have health insurance that covers the surgery performed, it will shoulder the expenses. However, surgeries or treatments that are not covered will be shouldered by you. The NHS also covers many treatments.

What happens if you can't pay for surgery?

Different private hospitals have different protocols for patients who can't afford to pay for surgery. It is best to speak directly with the private hospital. The National Health Service (NHS) also offers universal care if you are eligible for help with the cost of private surgery.

What is the most expensive surgery?

So far, the most expensive surgery that the National Health System (NHS) does is 'very complex intracranial operation.' Brain surgery in children costs £40,936 and £22,469 in adults.

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