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As a self-employed individual and your own employer, missing out on work and getting sick or hurt are things that you try to avoid as much as possible. After all, your finances are very closely tied to the amount of work you can do. However, it is an unfortunate and unavoidable part of life. You'll be back in business faster if you have quicker access to health specialists.

Therefore, we are here to provide simple, affordable health insurance for the self-employed. These plans allow you to bypass excessive waiting lists and access expensive private treatment so you can get right back to work. We include different degrees of healthcare to meet your requirements and budget and perhaps one which includes coverage for you and your family. Furthermore, you can save up to 75% on your plan and compare different prices with us.

Why should i consider health insurance if i am Self-employed?

Although the NHS does an excellent job and is a well-loved national institution, it is under pressure due to budget constraints and rising healthcare needs. Over 15% or approximately 4.86 million of the working population in the UK is self-employed. Despite this, it is projected that 93% of these people do not have healthcare insurance coverage. Getting the proper health insurance coverage might provide you with the following advantages:

  • Wait times may be reduced to less than 18 weeks, which is the average wait time for an NHS referral. In fact, there were 4.05 million individuals on NHS waiting lists in England by the end of July 2020, wherein about 2.15 million had been waiting for more than 18 weeks.
  • You will have access to private health facilities such as a private room and treatment at a time that is convenient for you in any hospital or clinic.
  • There's a chance you'll have access to more advanced therapies and drugs that aren't accessible on the NHS.

How much does self-employed health insurance cost?

The price of self-employed health insurance varies according to the plan you select. This is a run-through of what is covered and the cost.


~£27This covers unlimited GP visits, a health check, nurse helplines, stress support, and diagnosis costs. Once you've been diagnosed, you'll need to go to the NHS for treatment.
~£39It includes everything as above, as well as hospital treatment as a private patient, which means that after you've been diagnosed, you'll have access to private treatment, whether that's inpatient care or quick access to a specialist.

However, it is important to note that this coverage is generalized, and higher premiums will depend on a variety of factors, including but not restricted to the following:

  • Age: The older the individual, the higher risk of developing more health concerns and requiring treatment
  • Location: The address or area you live in can largely affect the prices involved. For example, a place with a majority of private hospitals in the surrounding area, such as London, will cost more.
  • Medical Background: It may be inferred by the insurance company that certain treatments may happen more frequently if you have a history of any medical conditions, especially a severe one.
  • Smoking: Your smoker status is crucial to the decision-making process involved as you are more prone to getting sick or catching a number of illnesses.

Self-employed health insurance coverage

You have a choice of coverage alternatives when it comes to self-employed health insurance. A complete package may be purchased that covers hospitalization, access to experts, medicines, surgeons, bandages, and a room. You'll also be able to schedule as many GP visits as you like, 24 hours a day. Another alternative is to pay for support and diagnostic services first and then seek treatment on the NHS.

Familiarize yourself with the terms excluded in your policy before purchasing it since you may be unable to submit a claim for such situations. Furthermore, due to the varied plans available, you need to consider things deeply to prevent paying for something not required for your specific needs. Some of the usual levels that are covered are:

Insurance coverage

BasicInpatient care
Hospitalization expenses
MediumInpatient care
Hospitalization expenses
Outpatient Therapies
ComprehensiveInpatient and Outpatient Care
Extra Treatments including physiotherapy, mental health counselling
Possibility for supplementary treatments

You can also check out providers that offer 'adaptable plans' that let you modify your plan to your specific needs. It might imply removing what you don't require and selecting a strategy that fits your job schedule and lifestyle. This versatility is especially useful if you're self-employed.

A health cash policy is another possibility. This might include routine appointments to the dentist, optometrist, or physiotherapist, which are often excluded from most health insurance. You will receive a cash payment to cover the cost of the visit or therapy, but unlike health insurance, it will not cover any unforeseen procedures.

What are the benefits of having private health insurance when you're self-employed?

When you're self-employed, you can't take advantage of employment benefits like health insurance. That implies you must rely on statutory sick pay (SSP) to cover your wages if you become unwell and are unable to work. This frequently implies that there is more pressure to get better and return to work immediately in order to avoid losing more money. This is why self-employed health insurance is the best option as you have timely access to treatment, whether you need to visit a specialist or need surgery.

Is self-employed health insurance tax deductible?

Because health insurance is regarded as a personal benefit for sole traders, you can't generally eliminate it from your taxes. However, if you can show that you received medical care purely for the sake of your job, you may be eligible for tax relief. Because submitting the wrong amount of tax might result in fines from HMRC, you should always get assistance from a trained professional.

What to consider if you are applying for personal health insurance for the self-employed

While medical health insurance is worth applying for if you are self-employed, you need to be prepared. Here are some points to consider before paying for a policy:

  • Not covered sick days.
  • Predominantly, there are exclusions that may arise as a surprise in the future.
  • There may be limits for treatment costs. As a result, you won’t get full compensation.
  • A pick-and-mix approach to treatment isn’t always a real possibility. Sometimes, a client can’t opt for it.
  • The coverage might be limited for chronic conditions.

If anything from the above mentioned is a must for your coverage to be efficient and lucrative, carefully choose a provider to get the best deal. Otherwise, you might not benefit from having medical insurance for the self-employed.

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