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It might not be easy to get health insurance coverage as an older person. When it comes to purchasing something as essential as health insurance for over 70 years old, finding multiple options may seem like wishful thinking.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of purchasing health insurance at this age, even at a fair cost. Before you begin searching for coverage at 70, you should know what will be expected of you and how much you should anticipate spending.


Can Over 70s Get Health insurance?

In response to changes in the healthcare sector, health insurers are now offering newer, better plans with more appealing features. While health insurance plans for senior citizens were not accessible a few years ago, more and more insurance firms are now offering senior citizen health insurance policies, which are available to those over the age of 70.

Private health insurance for those over the age of 70 operates in the same manner as it does for those of other ages. However, you have fewer options than you did when you were younger.

It’s also more difficult to come by, but specialised insurance should provide you with the protection you desire.


Is it Worth Getting Health Insurance at 70?

You don’t have to have private health insurance at 70, but it would be a nice addition to your life. You’ll have more choices when it comes to tests or treatments or services such as surgeons and experts who only do private work. You’ll be able to access some of the great services that the NHS can’t provide.


How Much is Health Insurance for a 70 Year Old in the UK?

Your rates will be influenced by your medical history, lifestyle, genetic predisposition, age, and even where you live. In addition, how much coverage you need and the extensiveness of your term will influence your premium. To give a general idea, this is what over 70s insurance has to offer:

Basic Health Insurance

This includes inpatient cover for treatment that necessitates a night’s stay.

Basic plan

Inpatient Cover Yes
Outpatient Cover No
Outpatient Cover £65

A Mid-Range Plan

This covers all inpatient and outpatient treatments up to £1100 in cost.

Mid-range plan

Inpatient Cover Yes
Outpatient Cover £1100
Outpatient Cover £110

Comprehensive Coverage

This applies to both inpatient and outpatient care.

Comprehensive Coverage

Inpatient Cover Yes
Outpatient Cover Full
Outpatient Cover £140

How Much Cover Will I Get with Medical Insurance for Over 70?

You can tailor your plan to cover only what is necessary for your requirements. Below are some of the options you can customise by having them covered in full, or you can choose to apply an excess:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient cover
  • Cancer cover including advanced cancer drugs
  • Therapies
  • Dental and optical
  • Mental Health
  • Choice of hospitals
  • Private GP

What Should I Look for in Affordable Health Insurance for Seniors Over 70s?

Medical insurance coverage protects your health by acting as a primary caregiver. Before reaching a decision, you should conduct an extensive study. When it comes to purchasing health insurance for the elderly over 70, the following recommendations should be considered.

Private Hospitals

It’s difficult to travel when you’re older. It’s much more difficult during a medical emergency. If you have a specific private hospital in mind, especially if it is one that is close to your home, it is beneficial to join an insurance company whose network allows you access to private hospitals. Therefore, in the case of a medical emergency, you may travel to your local hospital and receive the care you need there.

Level of Cover

In terms of health, old age necessitates additional prevention and protection. Some of the features to consider are whether the insurance pays for inpatient hospitalisation costs, as well as pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses. Diagnostic examinations, surgical instruments, operation theatre, ICU fees, and medical practitioner’s charges should be included in inpatient treatment costs. You should also consider the price.

Although cost isn’t as essential as having the appropriate coverage, there may be numerous policies that meet your needs. Compare rates and excess charges you’d have to pay before you pick the right insurance at the best price. Over 70s health Insurance plans have three different coverage levels to best suit your needs.

Types of Underwriting

Each insurance policy has a list of medical problems and treatments for which it will pay out. Make sure the one you’re considering provides the coverage you require. Consider which diseases, such as heart disease or joint replacements that you’d like to be covered for as you become older.


Additional Options

  • Waiting Period

These plans have a pre-existing condition waiting period, which means you can get coverage for a certain specified illness after a set number of days. The wise step here is to evaluate several plans and pick the one with the shortest wait time.

  • Discount Schemes

Discount plans are a great way to save money while still receiving sufficient coverage. Such reductions and incentives encourage people to invest in appropriate health insurance. Customers may benefit from a variety of advantages by taking advantage of health insurance savings.

  • Co-Payment

A co-pay is a predetermined sum that the insured agrees to pay when a claim is made. It may be difficult for you to pay a big claim amount because you may not have a regular income. As a result, choosing a plan that has a minimal co-pay is suggested as it eases the strain on your wallet.


What Are the Benefits of Health Insurance for Over 70 Years Old in the UK?

There are several advantages to obtaining health insurance in your 70s. These include:

  • You can obtain referrals to specialists for second opinions or expert advice
  • Treatment is delivered more quickly since there are no long NHS waiting lists.
  • You have more options when it comes to treatment times, places, and surgeons.
  • It is possible to get specialised medications and treatments that may not even be accessible via the NHS.
  • You have access to private rooms and will not be in mixed wards like in NHS hospitals.