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If you’re searching for private medical insurance that covers everything from screening and assessment to treatment, aftercare assistance, and counselling, comprehensive health insurance coverage is the way to go.

Some health insurance firms in the United Kingdom provide various levels of coverage, with comprehensive medical insurance being the most complete; others provide a basic healthcare plan with the option to add services for more comprehensive coverage.

This type of insurance in the UK covers the cost of private healthcare, allowing you to avoid the NHS’s lengthy waiting lists. The optimum type of health insurance is comprehensive coverage.

It fully covers both inpatient (when you require a hospital bed, such as after surgery) and outpatient (where you don’t, such as consultations, diagnostic tests, and scans) care.

What Is Comprehensive Health Insurance?

Private medical care for health issues is covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan, which is available across the United Kingdom. This kind of health insurance is important to consider, as it covers more illnesses and treatments than other policies.

Comprehensive sickness insurance allows you to receive therapy that is not available on the NHS. You’ll also get your treatment faster and in a more pleasant atmosphere than you would in an NHS hospital.

Not only does it cover inpatient care, but it also covers outpatient therapy, such as expert consultations and testing. A bigger plan will aid with aftercare treatments such as physiotherapy, mental care, and alternative therapies, in addition to paying for a wider range of diseases.

However, each insurance has its own set of guidelines for what it will pay out for. Before you apply, you should figure out what symptoms and treatments you want to cover.

What Does It Cover?

When purchasing health insurance, you have the option of selecting different levels of coverage, of which comprehensive sickness insurance is the highest.

Basic plan is the most affordable option. Only inpatient treatment is covered, which means you must stay in a hospital bed for therapy or testing. It may also cover associated expenses.

Inpatient and outpatient therapy are covered by medium plans. That implies you’ll get private medical care even if you’re not staying in the hospital overnight. In terms of price, it’s a good compromise.

The most expensive form of health insurance coverage is comprehensive, but this is because it includes both inpatient and outpatient care. Numerous illnesses and injuries may also be covered with this plan. Some of the following items that your insurance may provide coverage for are:

  • Cancer treatments like chemotherapy
  • Access to specialists and consultants for consultations, testing, scans, diagnosis, and treatment
  • A greater variety of private hospitals to select from, including those in other countries
  • Access to a private room should you remain in a hospital
  • Additional postoperative treatments
  • Dental and optical care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Mental health treatment
  • Home nursing
  • Other alternative therapies like acupuncture

Some of the services will be provided as standard on the more comprehensive medical insurance plans, while others will have to be selected as an add-on; therefore, it is vital to consider the sort of PMI you want and which services are most important to you.

How Much Does Comprehensive Health Insurance Cost?

The cost of each provider and insurance is different. However, the following are some of the elements that may influence the cost of your comprehensive health insurance in the United Kingdom:

  • Your age: The younger you are, the less price will be.
  • Your medical history: This may be considered, as well as your overall health.
  • Your way of life: Whether you smoke, exercise, or consume alcohol are lifestyle factors that might affect the cost.
  • Where you reside: Insurance in some areas, like London, is more expensive.
  • Your Coverage: Whichever insurance you select, the more coverage you require, the more it will cost.

Although a more comprehensive health care plan would cost more, there are a variety of methods to cut costs. This varies with each plan; however, it can contain the following choices:

  • Change your policy excess: The more you are willing to pay forward into a claim, the cheaper your medical insurance will be. Excesses generally range from £100 to £5,000, depending on your insurance company. After that, the insurance will cover the remainder. An excess will not affect the extent of your coverage, but it will decrease your rates.
  • Accessibility to Private Hospitals: You can have the option of lowering the number of private hospitals you have access to.
  • NHS Treatment: Accept treatment from the NHS if it can be provided within six weeks. Your health insurance kicks in only if the operation you require isn’t accessible on the NHS or if the waitlist is greater than six weeks. This solely pertains to inpatient treatment. Your right to outpatient treatment is intact, as outpatient coverage is not limited to a fully comprehensive plan.
  • Set Amount: Consent to an outpatient treatment cap, which means you’ll still be covered, but only up to a certain amount.

Given that plans are priced based on a variety of criteria, such as your age, location, and medical history, it’s critical to shop about and compare all of the major insurers to obtain the best deal.

If you currently have private medical insurance, you should check the market every couple of years to make sure your coverage is still the best affordable for your situation.

In general, though, given that a patient is healthy, they can expect to look at the following prices:


Policy Cover Price
Basic Policy No Outpatient Cover £35 per month
Mid-Range Policy Capped Outpatient Cover £51.66 per month
Comprehensive Policy Unlimited Outpatient Cover £58.64 per month

To learn more about our policies, request an online quotation to discuss your alternatives and how to customise your plan to your specific requirements.

What’s Not Included in Comprehensive Medical Insurance?

Each business has its own set of comprehensive policies, and each insurance has its own set of regulations for what private healthcare they cover and what they don’t. Non-standard therapies are covered by certain comprehensive medical insurance plans. Others allow you to add them as extras, albeit at a greater cost. Many insurance companies also exclude coverage for emergency medical treatment.

Is Comprehensive Health Insurance Better Than the NHS?

Comprehensive health insurance provides several advantages not available through the NHS. A ths type of coverage, for example, entitles you to:

  • A broader range of tests and treatments, including those that aren’t available on the NHS
  • Reduced waiting periods
  • Private rooms and more pleasant hospital stays are available – you may even have your own television and en-suite bathroom
  • You’ll have more say over when and where you’re treated

Can I Cover My Partner When I Buy Comprehensive Health Insurance?

Yes. You can choose between a single policy and a shared policy when purchasing comprehensive illness insurance. If both you and your spouse have comprehensive medical insurance, you could find that having joint coverage is more convenient. It implies you’ll have the same insurance and deal with the same company.

You can acquire the following forms:

  • Individual policies is tailored to your specific needs
  • Joint policies for you and your spouse as a couple
  • Family policies designed to cover the entire family
  • Child policies is designed specifically for your children