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If you don't want to use the National Health Service (NHS), Over 50s health Insurance, also known as Over 50s Health Cover or Over 50s Medical Insurance, provides health insurance for 50 years and over with the option of private care.

Finding good coverage from all of the various health insurance options on the market might take some time, which is why we provide you with quick online quotations from all the major UK insurance companies.

1.Can Retirees Over 50 Get Health Insurance?

When you retire, your access to utilise the NHS healthcare service remains unchanged so long as you are still a UK resident. Therefore, private health insurance is available to retirees, but many individuals are hesitant to look at coverage because they feel it will be too costly. While it's true that policies aren't cheap, there are a few things you can do to make yours more reasonable.

We advocate contacting an expert health insurance consultant who has in-depth information to assist in picking the most affordable retiree coverage for people over 50.

2.What Should I Look for in Over 50s Health Insurance?

Finding the level of coverage that is best suited to what you want to accomplish should be the goal of health insurance for people over 50. Here are a few things to factor in regarding your health insurance for over 50s, whether you're switching from family coverage to a higher level of coverage or changing insurers.

Private Hospitals

Private health insurance might provide you with more privacy and home comforts while in a more calm and quiet atmosphere. Furthermore, it may be more accessible from your current location compared to travelling to a government hospital.

Level of Cover

Coverage should be chosen according to your requirements. Compare what each type of health insurance covers and, more crucially, what it does not cover when browsing for health insurance. We provide affordable health insurance for over 50, with three categories for you to choose from.

Types of Underwriting

Health insurance providers should manage your claims quickly, share policy information, and put you in touch with a health insurance expert. On top of that, your insurer should provide extra coverage to give you the chance to keep your mind and body in good shape. To ensure you get this, we provide the opportunity to appoint either moratorium underwriting or full medical underwriting.

3.Additional options

Optional additions to your private health insurance coverage may be available depending on the provider you pick. Some of these items may come as standard, while others may be completely omitted. There may be others that offer discounted prices so you can benefit from the service while at the same time not burning too much of a hole in your pocket. In most cases, you'll have the option to include:

  • Dental care
  • Eyecare
  • Physiotherapy
  • Homoeopathy
  • Support for mental health

4.How Much Does Health Insurance Cost for a 50-Year-Old?

Health insurance is not the same for everyone. Your premium will be determined by a variety of criteria. For example, an individual's lifestyle can affect what is offered. If you smoke, your premium will go up since you're considered a higher risk. On the other hand, reducing your alcohol consumption may help you save money.

In theory, though, if you are healthy, these will be the price ranges you should be looking at.

A Basic Health Insurance Plan

This covers in-patient treatment that calls for you to stay overnight.

Inpatient Cover Yes
Outpatient Cover No
Outpatient Cover £45

A Mid-Range Plan

This covers all in-patient and outpatient treatments cost go up to £1000.

Inpatient Cover Yes
Outpatient Cover £1000
Outpatient Cover £70

Comprehensive Coverage

This covers all in-patient and outpatient treatments.

Inpatient Cover Yes
Outpatient Cover Full
Outpatient Cover £92

5.What Does Over 50s Private Medical Insurance Cover?

You may modify your plan to cover just what you deem as a necessity. Below are a number of alternatives you can include into your plan or limit:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient cover
  • Cancer cover including advanced cancer drugs
  • Therapies
  • Dental and optical
  • Mental Health
  • Choice of hospitals
  • Private GP

6.What Are the Benefits of Over 50s Health Insurance?

Here are the major benefits of getting health insurance for 50 years and over:

Reduced Waiting Times

If you are someone who doesn't like to wait, then Over 50s Health Insurance is your best bet. You will discover soon enough that personal health insurance coverage allows you to obtain a diagnosis sooner than the NHS's 18-week commitment. You'll likely get treatment and appointments faster than if you went to the NHS. If you want to get ahead of the NHS waiting list, private health insurance can help you get seen sooner, which is especially useful for surgical procedures.

The Surgeon or Hospital of Your Choice

You may be able to pick from a variety of specialised surgeons and hospitals, which are not available on the NHS. You can also go at any time, at your convenience.


Instead of staying on a mixed-gender ward, you'll be given a private room. You can also expect facilities and comfort that you would not get in a public hospital. This also means that there may be some hospitals that will have no restrictions on visiting hours, so you can see your relatives as many times as you like without worrying whether you are disturbing anyone else.

Specialist Referrals

You will have easy access to any requests you may have for the doctor or any references given to you to go to a private expert or specialist for a second opinion or specialised therapy.

Specialist Treatment

If there is any specific treatment you need, such as physiotherapy, there is a higher chance for you to obtain the necessary sessions with no waiting time. Furthermore, some treatments, such as specialised surgery for sports-related injuries, are not covered by the NHS. You can always check with your health insurance provider to see if the therapy you require is covered. Another advantage is that treatments and anything pharmaceutical-related that is not available on the NHS may be provided by Over 50s Health Insurance.

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