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Do you intend to live in another country for an extended period of time? Then, you should think about purchasing a high-quality global health insurance policy to cover your healthcare expenses. As professional brokers, we will explain what international health insurance covers and its costs if you are planning to leave the UK. You can apply for a quote and get an answer in minutes!

What is international health insurance?

International Health Insurance offers long-term cover to those moving or working outside of the UK or their native country, usually for a year or more. Expats and their families, dual-residence persons, global organisations, and others will benefit from this health insurance.

In the event of a health emergency, or perhaps routine medical procedure, in a region where you are unfamiliar with the health structure and do not comprehend the vernacular, international health insurance will ensure that you receive the care you require. You can ensure that all of your medical costs are catered for when residing or serving overseas by selecting the most suitable health plans.

How does international health insurance work?

Policyholders can pick how and where they get medical treatment after being ill or injuring themselves, from the facility they are hospitalised in, to the physician who administers their care. Many policies also offer access to a 24-hour contact centre, which gives clients peace of mind and helps them with concerns and claims.

What’s covered?

There are several levels of coverage to choose from, based on your needs and funding:

  • Standard coverage is the most cost-effective choice; it often covers inpatient and outpatient treatments and rehabilitation and emergency medical rescue in life-threatening situations.
  • Comprehensive coverage provides all of the above, plus outpatient care, expert consulting, and access to alternative medicines. It also includes additional benefits such as regular dental care, maternity care, and yearly medical checks
  • Fully comprehensive coverage combines all the options from a comprehensive one together with annual health checks, travel insurance, and regular pregnancy care.

What’s not covered?

Global health insurance covers inpatient hospital stays, medical treatment, and care in most cases. Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization charges, along with OPD treatments, are most often exempted from the policy’s obligations.

How much does international health insurance cost?

The cost of global health insurance is determined by several criteria, such as age, health history, coverage level, and the country to which you are relocating. For example, health coverage in the United States is typically more costly than in European countries.

Your health history also influences the cost. Some insurers may offer international coverage for pre-existing ailments, but this will almost certainly increase your premium. Also, the rate for health cover, including foreign medical insurance, rises as you get older. Furthermore, the higher the level of coverage and the more optional-extras you choose, the higher the cost will be.

Who is international health insurance for?

An international private medical insurance policy can assist expats in navigating the local healthcare system while also ensuring that they are treated should they become ill or injured while abroad.


International private medical insurance is essential for students because it helps them avoid the financial strains of unforeseen medical bills and ensures access to prompt and appropriate medical care. International health insurance covers most medical costs. It is accepted by most health providers worldwide, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on your studies.


A health insurance plan for expats is your safety net to international healthcare. Many expat destinations now demand international insurance to obtain a visa and establish permanent residency.


Although there are many variables to consider before moving your family abroad, one of your main concerns, particularly if you have kids, is how you will be able to obtain healthcare in your new area. You may avoid a lot of the worry of understanding the health systems in your new location by purchasing foreign health insurance for your home country.

What are the benefits of international health insurance?

Here are some reasons for you to get international health insurance:


Protection against monetary loss

The fundamental benefit of foreign health insurance, like other insurance products, is its capacity to cover you from a financial loss. Healthcare prices in your native country may appear very low, or you may have health insurance and haven’t viewed healthcare as a cost. On the other hand, medical treatment varies greatly across countries and might be prohibitively expensive in some situations.


Excellent access to healthcare

If you’re relocating to a country with national healthcare coverage, you might consider using government-funded healthcare while you’re there, but the standard of this can vary significantly depending on your destination. An international medical insurance plan will ensure that you and your family access the best healthcare and options available.


Everyday medical cost

The advantages of having an international medical insurance policy aren’t restricted to medical emergencies. Health insurance coverage can also assist you and your household with day-to-day medical bills. This might range from common costs like visiting a GP and dental treatment fees to more expensive procedures like laser eye treatment.


Cover for emergencies

When you or an insured family member needs emergency medical care, the advantages of worldwide health insurance become evident. Health insurance coverage can assist in covering a variety of expenditures associated with a medical emergency. This includes everything from fees levied by local ambulance services to costs paid for surgical intervention and rehabilitative services.

Do I need international health insurance?

International medical insurance may cover you for some medical expenses incurred when travelling abroad, such as emergency evacuation, medical fees, medical aid, aircraft accidents, and a quick return to your home country, among other things. Suppose you don’t possess a comprehensive international health insurance policy. You could find yourself in financial trouble if you have an emergency while abroad, such as an injury, a lost purse or passport, sickness, trip disruption, or even death.

Steps to get the right cover for you

Before embarking on a move abroad, a Working Holiday Program, or an extended expatriation project, you must get private healthcare insurance. Here are some hints to help you select the appropriate private health plans.


Choose the cover level that suits you

Choosing the best healthcare plan is also based on many factors. You could choose a private health insurance plan that covers you from the start . This form of overseas healthcare insurance plan reimburses medical expenses beginning with the first money spent.


Choose your area of cover.

You have the option of selecting which places your insurance policy will cover. Relocation insurance, eye, and dental treatments, maternity insurance cover, private third-party liability coverage, and reimbursement in the case of sickness absence from work are some of the possibilities available.


Manage your costs

To choose the best international health insurance, you must first define your travel plans in detail. Do you intend to go on a family trip? Or are you planning a multi-month trip around the world? Have a good understanding of your own and your family’s healthcare requirements. This will allow you to better control your spending and go through the various schemes, choosing the most suitable healthcare coverage.

Private health insurance FAQ

Healthplan insurance broker answering questions
Is there such a thing as international health insurance?

A worldwide health insurance policy is meant to give complete health coverage to people relocating from their native country for an extended length of time.

What are the eligibility requirements for international medical plans?

Applicants must be 64 years old or less when applying, be legal permanent residents of a country, and be registered in a primary health plan continuously.

How do I get an international health insurance plan?
To obtain foreign health insurance, you must first outline your requirements, including what you desire for yourself and/or your family. You should research health insurance providers and the cost of getting insured and then call them for a complete explanation.
Is health insurance different from travel insurance?
If you’re going on a vacation, a business trip, or another form of a short journey overseas that lasts less than six months, you’ll need travel insurance. Medical emergencies, as well as other trip disruptions, are covered by travel insurance. If you’re going overseas for employment, school, retirement, or other reasons, you will be spending a lot of time abroad, you’ll need international health insurance.
Where can an international health insurance plan cover me?
Most local health insurance policies offer limited benefits abroad and do not cover prescriptions. However, if you have global health insurance, you can be covered anywhere.
Who is worldwide health insurance suitable for?

It is suitable for anyone who intends to go outside of their nation or state for a year or longer. It is appropriate for international students, expatriates, families, and those wishing to relocate after retirement.