HealthplanThe Best Business, Company Medical Insurance in the UK

The Best Business, Company Medical Insurance in the UK

In this article, we'll explore business medical insurance (BMI) in the UK. We'll discuss its benefits for employers and employees, review leading providers like Bupa, Aviva PLC, AXA PPP Healthcare, WPA, Vitality Health Insurance, Freedom Health Insurance, and PHC, and provide insights on selecting the right plan.

In the United Kingdom, obtaining health insurance is optional because the National Health Service (NHS) offers residents healthcare services without fees. Nevertheless, many people and businesses are buying private health insurance to access quicker treatment, specialised care, and a broader range of healthcare alternatives.

Many companies throughout the UK realise that providing employees with company healthcare coverage benefits their business by reducing absenteeism and ensuring a prompt return to work. Business medical insurance (BMI) is beneficial for both employees and employers.

According to the British Medical Association (BMA), the National Health Service (NHS) waiting list reached an astounding 6.29 million patients in February 2024. Given this enormous number, it is no surprise that many seek private medical insurance to bypass the waiting lists and receive prompt treatment.

Choosing the right private healthcare policy can be overwhelming due to the abundance of options available. Healthplan specialises in individual and small and medium-sized businesses, private medical insurance, and employee benefits. We aim to find the perfect policy at the best price. With access to leading insurers and expert advisors, we make cost-effective private medical care straightforward and accessible.

What is business medical insurance (BMI)?

Business medical insurance or private health insurance is a policy for employees that covers health treatments and diagnosis through GPs, hospitals, and specialists.

Providing excellent medical insurance for your employees is crucial to running a successful business in the UK. Doing so demonstrates that you care about their health and wellbeing and helps attract and retain dedicated staff in a competitive job market.

A monthly premium payment is to be made for medical care cover. Full payment of insurance policy fees ensures coverage for required treatment. Please review the policy terms and conditions for complete details.

Please read our guide on the best UK Business Health Insurance Companies.

Our team of experts has created a guide to help you choose the best medical insurance plan for your business from the many options available.


One of the leading providers in the UK for business medical insurance is Bupa. Bupa started in 1947, and its motto has always been to “help people live longer, healthier, happier lives and make a better world.”

Bupa is a highly reputable name in the healthcare industry and is dedicated to offering high-quality care to over 38 million members worldwide. Their comprehensive coverage includes access to private hospitals, specialist consultations, and various treatments and therapies. With Bupa, you can have peace of mind knowing that your employees will receive the best possible care.

Up until the date of this review, Bupa has collected over 23,280 reviews on Trustpilot. It has received 4.2 stars with 68% 5-star ratings.

The key benefits of Bupa cover.

When you or your employees require medical attention, Bupa Health Insurance can help you see a GP or specialist, provide a diagnosis, and offer treatment without requiring lengthy NHS waiting times. Bupa offers tailor-made policies to suit individual needs.

  1. Bupa benefits include access to quick and easy digital GP service and a choice of private hospitals.
  2. Cover includes mental health issues for a range of conditions.
  3. They provide access to breakthrough cancer treatments and drugs.
  4. If you have Direct Access and are concerned about cancer, mental health, or muscles, bones, and joints, you can bypass GP appointments and be referred directly to a specialist.
  5. They offer 24/7 access to GPs with the Digital GP app. Talk to a GP within 24 hours.
  6. Nurses are on call all day, every day.
  7. You can contact their specialists directly, even before contacting a GP.
  8. They provide 24/7 health advice via the Anytime Healthline.
  9. They have health reward programmes.

What Bupa does NOT cover.

Please check your health insurance policy, as it may not cover:

  • Conditions that you had before your policy started.
  • Ongoing conditions for which there isn’t a known cure, like arthritis or diabetes.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Cosmetic surgery for appearance improvements.

However, long-term treatment for cancer or mental health conditions may be covered even if the condition can’t be cured.

The level of coverage you’ll get depends on your policy. When considering your options, you might want to look for a package that covers the following:

  • Hospital treatment
  • Outpatient therapies
  • Aftercare
  • Tests and scans

What cover plans does Bupa offer?

Bupa offers two health plans for individual UK residents:

Comprehensive health insurance.

  • Our highest level of cover.
  • Covers both private diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment and Care health insurance.

  • It covers private treatment but not private diagnosis.
  • Those happy to be diagnosed by the NHS but want to receive treatment privately.

Bupa offers health plans for different size businesses:

Micro Business for 10 employees or less:

Key benefits:

  • Unlimited GP appointments are available using their digital GP service.
  • Mental health, cancer care and muscle, bone and joint cover
  • Access to 600+ hospitals and clinics.
  • Treatment includes consultations, physio, and more.
  • Hospital care, including day appointments and overnight stays
  • Health helplines for your team and their family.

Small business for up to 249 employees:

Key benefits:

  • You can access unlimited GP appointments through Bupa Blua Health or any other digital GP service.
  • Mental health, cancer care, and treatment for muscle, bone, and joint ailments are covered.
  • Access is provided to over 300 hospitals and clinics.
  • Up to £1,000 on treatment, consultations, physio and more.
  • Hospital care, including day appointments and overnight stays
  • Health helplines for your team and their family.

Corporate healthcare for over 250 employees:

Key benefits, depending on the policy level:

  • Talk to a doctor via video or phone 24/7 using Bupa Blua Health. Get medication delivered to your door.
  • You can call a Bupa nurse 24/7 for any health-related query or concern.
  • Get immediate access to a specialist without having to see a GP first.
  • Get a flu vaccination.
  • Dental care benefits.
  • Health assessments.
  • Obtain assistance for occupational health and other related matters.


Aviva is the largest insurer in the UK, with over 18 million members in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. Established in 2000, this London-based insurance company offers a range of services that include health, wealth, and retirement support. The company is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers and serving the community. Its purpose is to “be with you today for a better tomorrow.”

Whether you run a small or medium-sized business, Aviva supports you every step of the way! With its comprehensive coverage options, expert guidance, and personalised service, you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

Aviva offers business healthcare- private medical insurance for SMEs with 1-249 employees and medium-sized businesses with 250+ employees.

The key benefits of Aviva cover.

  • Treatment for short-term illnesses or injuries that respond quickly to treatment results in full recovery.
  • Cancer care and support, including diagnosis, treatment, drugs, and professional medical care.
  • Treatment for musculoskeletal problems, including back, neck, muscle and joint pain.
  • Mental Health Support- Employees can access therapy and counselling sessions without going through a GP.

What does Aviva not cover?

Please check your health insurance policy, as it may not cover:

  • Aviva does not cover incurable or long-term illnesses or conditions, such as diabetes, epilepsy and asthma.
  • Pre-existing health issues that employees have/had before the policy.
  • Substance misuse. Alcohol or drug abuse and rehabilitation therapy are not covered.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth are not covered.
  • Cosmetic surgery for non-health-related issues is not covered.

3. AXA PPP Healthcare

AXA PPP Healthcare has a long history that dates back to 1940 when it was established by a group of doctors and hospitals who worked together to provide healthcare services to people with low to average wages. Today, it has grown into one of the largest insurance companies globally, dedicated to helping individuals and their families take control of their healthcare needs. AXA is older than the NHS, and it continues to provide quality healthcare services to people worldwide.

SMALL BUSINESS HEALTH PLANS covers small businesses with 1-249 employees.

The key benefits of AXA PPP BUSINESS HEALTH cover.

AXA Health helps small and corporate business employees maintain their health and wellbeing or return to work promptly after a sick absence.

  • Convenient appointments—Book a GP or consultant appointment during hours that suit your employee (subject to availability).
  • Fast and prompt specialist bookings.
  • Prompt access to help and support through online GPs and health information helplines.
  • Business health insurance provides access to 24/7 (subject to appointment availability) 20-minute consultations with an online GP service, AXA Doctor at Hand, and a nurse practitioner.
  • Treatment in a private hospital.
  • Telephone helpline- Any medical information can be obtained 24/7 by a nurse, pharmacist, counsellor or midwife.
  • Musculoskeletal problems: Arrange to see a physiotherapist to diagnose and treat the back, neck, and joints.

What does AXA PPP not cover?

Please check with our team or review your health insurance policy to determine any exclusions or limitations.

4. WPA (Western Provident Association)

WPA is a non-profit health insurance company providing its members access to the best healthcare available in the UK since 1901. It has won multiple awards for its outstanding service, including a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor. 88% of customers have given it a 5-star rating, quoting it as the best insurer in the UK.

The key benefits of WPA cover.

WPA provides a comprehensive selection of business healthcare policies that suit your company and benefit your employees. Flexible and tailor-made healthcare plans guarantee cost-effectiveness and provide employee health and wellbeing support when needed.

SME -Small Business Enterprises.

Small business enterprises with 2-150 employees can opt for the Enterprise Flexible Benefits, Precision Corporate Healthcare, and NHS Top-up covers-

  • In and Day-patient treatment.
  • Cancer Care, diagnosis, consultations and therapies.
  • Hospital Cash Benefit- For NHS inpatients/day-patients and outpatient procedures.
  • Outpatient treatment- Consultations with specialists and diagnosis.
  • Mental Health Treatment- In/Outpatient consultations, Psychotherapy and Psychology.
  • 24/7 access to a remote GP helpline. Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) with telephone support and six structured counselling sessions.

What does WPA health insurance not cover?

Please check with our team or review your health insurance policy to determine any exclusions or limitations.

  • Any monitoring, management, or treatment required for chronic conditions that are incurable, prolonged, or lifelong.
  • Dental problems, unless dental care is included in the policy.
  • Fertility problems, pregnancy, and childbirth are not covered except for limited cash benefits under the New Baby benefit.
  • Enhancement cosmetic surgery.
  • Neonatal treatment.
  • The NHS Top-Up policy does not cover mental health conditions (except 24/7 helpline).


Vitality, a renowned health insurance company based in the UK, has become a trusted name in the industry, with over 1.7 million members worldwide. Their unwavering commitment to improving people’s health and safeguarding their wellbeing is reflected in their daily approach towards their customers. By prioritising health enhancement and protection, Vitality has established itself as one of the largest insurers in the world. It continues to set new standards in the field of health insurance.

The key benefits of Vitality Business Health Insurance cover.

If your small or medium-sized business has 1-249 employees, then Vitality provides excellent benefits for your company and staff.

Key benefits for SMEs.

  • Primary care- Book GP appointments and fast referrals.
  • Cancer treatment and support.
  • Mental health is covered through Talking Therapies and Headspace.
  • Easy access to care through digital tools- including online video calls with GPs and nurses.
  • You can earn great weekly rewards, gym discounts, health checkups, and more by staying healthy!

The award-winning Vitality Corporate private medical insurance (PMI) plan can be customised to suit the needs of businesses with over 100 employees. With a range of options available, this plan ensures that your employees receive the best possible medical care, allowing them to focus on their work and stay healthy.

What does Vitality not cover?

Please carefully review your health insurance policy for exclusions. Vitality can provide flexible PMI to adapt to your company’s requirements.

6. Freedom Health Insurance

Freedom Health Insurance recently celebrated its 20th anniversary of providing healthcare services to individuals, families, and businesses. With Freedom Health Insurance, you can ensure that your employees stay physically and mentally healthy. Keeping your staff happy and healthy creates a positive and productive work environment.

The key benefits of Freedom Health Insurance cover.

You can opt for one of the basic small business health insurance plans below that offer essential benefits or more comprehensive packages.

  1. Freedom Elite Comprehensive Health Insurance.
  2. Freedom Essentials Cost-Conscious Health Insurance.

Freedom Essentials health insurance offers a fixed cash benefit towards:

  • Inpatient and day-patient treatment for unexpected acute conditions.
  • Inpatient or day-patient treatment as part of a course of active cancer treatment.
  • MRI, CT and PET scans.
  • Pregnancy complications.
  • Dental surgery procedures.

Freedom Elite health insurance covers:

  • Specialist fees.
  • Hospital fees.
  • Dental surgery.
  • Home nursing.
  • Pregnancy complications.
  • Maternity cash benefit.

What does Freedom Health SME Insurance not cover?

Please carefully review your health insurance policy for exclusions, including accident and emergency treatment, pre-existing conditions, chronic conditions, cosmetic treatment, and pregnancy and childbirth.

7. PHC- a member of the global AXA group

PHC is a private medical insurance provider specialising in offering top-quality healthcare services. The company is owned by the world’s leading AXA PPP healthcare insurer, which has over 25 years of experience in the industry. All products offered by PHC are underwritten by AXA PPP Healthcare, ensuring that members receive the best possible healthcare service.

PHC’s mission is to help all our members live well, and this is what drives them to continually introduce new products and services that enhance their lives and general wellbeing.

The key benefits of PHC cover.

PHC understands the importance of providing a tailored private health plan to keep employees healthy and productive and provide medical support when needed.

Show your employees that you care for their wellbeing by offering the following benefits.

The Corporate HealthCover4life policy offers four plans with numerous benefits that can be customised to suit your company.

All four plans cover the following services:

  • Counselling and Support service
  • 24/7 Health Support Line
  • Muscle, Bone and Joint Support service
  • Dedicated Nurse Service
  • Specialist Appointment Booking service
  • Mental Health Assessments and Support service
  • Health Assessments
  • Fitness Offers
  • Cancer Pathways
  • AXA Doctor at Hand

Cover plan 1.

This option covers:

  • In-patient and out-patient benefits
  • parent accommodation
  • private ambulance trips
  • home nursing
  • NHS cash benefits
  • Full cover for physiotherapist, therapist and acupuncturist treatment.
  • New child benefit.

Cover plan 2.

This option covers:

  • Core in-patient and out-patient benefits.
  • Cover for parent accommodation.
  • Private ambulance trips.
  • Home nursing.
  • NHS cash benefits and a combined overall limit of up to £1,500 per plan year for psychiatric treatment, physiotherapist, therapist, and acupuncturist treatment.
  • New child benefit.

Cover plan 3.

This option covers:

  • Core in-patient benefits, out-patient CT, MRI and PET scans and radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • Cover for parent accommodation.
  • Private ambulance trips.
  • Home nursing.
  • NHS cash benefits and a combined overall limit of up to £1,000 per plan year for psychiatric treatment and out-patient therapies treatment.

Cover plan 4.

This option covers:

  • In-patient treatment and day-patient treatment.
  • Out-patient treatment is limited to two specialist consultations per year and £500 for physiotherapist, therapist and acupuncturist treatment.

** Psychiatric and additional benefits are not covered under this plan. **

Please note there are additional benefits to the PHC Plus policy. Please ask for details.

What is not covered by a PHC policy?

Please refer to the PHC policy and handbook for full details of what is and is not covered by a PHC policy.

Private Medical Insurance.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential to prioritise the wellbeing of your employees or your own health. Personal private medical insurance can be a life-saving decision and provides peace of mind and security while managing your staff or your own health.

Private medical insurance (PMI) offers several benefits over the NHS. The most significant advantage is that patients do not have to wait for long periods to receive treatment or consultations. Additionally, PMI allows patients to choose private hospitals, doctors, and clinics where they receive treatment. This means that patients can access the latest medical technologies and receive customised healthcare plans that cater to their individual needs. Overall, PMI provides individuals with high-quality healthcare and ensures they receive the best possible care when they need it most.


When selecting a medical insurance plan for your business in the UK, it’s essential to consider the requirements of your workforce, the cost, provider network, and reputation of the plan. Thoroughly researching and comparing different plans can help you find a suitable option that caters to your employee’s healthcare needs and ensures your business’s peace of mind.

Looking for the right health policy can be a hassle, but Healthplan is here to help. Our team of private health insurance experts or brokers can provide you with information and recommendations on the most suitable private healthcare providers and help you select the best business medical insurance or personal insurance plan for your team. Call now to speak with us and take the first step towards securing your business with healthy employees.